Roxy’s weight battle

Beach Hazards

Summer is now officially here!  So if you are thinking of taking your dog to the seaside, here are a few safety tips for you to be aware of. Salt Water:  Dogs are sensitive to the effects of salt water.  When swimming in the sea, they may take in sea water very fast which can lead to vomiting within a few minutes.  If your dog ingests significant amounts, neurological signs could develop after [...]

Arthur can see you now!

Meet Arthur, a very handsome 10 month old Maine Coon, already weighing in at 7.7kg! Arthur had his lower eyelids ‘turned out’ to make him more comfortable. The operation was carried out by our Ophthalmologist, Dr Michael Morter, who said ‘Entropion is a folding [...]

Basil’s Lolly Folly

This gorgeous boy is Max, a 3 year old Cairn Terrier who on a sunny Summer’s day, was treated to a deliciously cooling ice cream. Basil, however, did not stop at eating the ice cream – he had the stick too. His [...]

Smokey Paws – a HUGE thank you!

Thank you everyone who donated to our JustGiving campaign last year. We were overwhelmed by your generosity and have raised enough funds for 6 of these life-saving pet oxygen masks. The 3 we originally wanted were donated to King’s Lynn yesterday. Terrington St Clement, Downham Market & Dersingham Fire Service have all benefited too, as enough money was raised for an extra [...]

Bella’s skin rescue

This is Bella who was referred to see our Veterinary Dermatologist Alison Shearer at the end of April. She was being cared for by Suffolk Animal Rescue & had developed a nasty skin condition which made her feel very itchy. Destined to go [...]

New Improved Puppy Playgroup

We’re very excited to be able to tell you that our Puppy Playgroup Classes have now re-launched, with classes extended from a 4 week to 5 week period. The 1st class will be full of additional information that will be a must for all puppy owners. Please contact Sam, Vikki, Katy for Emma on 01553 771457 for more information.

Mill House babies!

Very exciting baby news here at the Practice!  RVN Denika would like to introduce baby Ezra, our Accounts Manager Matt is the proud daddy to baby Evelyn and Senior Nurse Liz had a [...]

Be barbeque aware

Who doesn’t love a barbeque in the garden during the warm summer months?  However, these symbols of summer eating can also pose risks to your pets.  Using firelighter or fire accelerants can present a danger for dogs and other companion animals as most contain a fuel hydrocarbon – either kerosene or white spirit.  In liquid form, these chemicals can cause breathing difficulties.  Firelighter blocks contain this fuel in their wax and can lead to vomiting or breathing difficulties, if chewed. Remember [...]

The Summer Sting

Wasp and bee stings are common during the summer months and early Autumn and these may result in localised pain and swelling.  Your dog may bark or yelp continuously if they have been stung, and a normal reaction would include immediate pain, redness and inflammation.  The area surrounding the sting may also become irritated and swollen. If the sting is in the mouth, then the local swelling may cause breathing difficulties.  Bee stings, need to be removed by either flicking them [...]