Poisons – prevention is better than cure

We all know the risks to dogs and cats of eating grapes, chocolate and many more human foods.  Here are a few tips to avoid your dog or cat ingesting something they really shouldn’t: Store medicines safely – NEVER give your medication to your pet.  Keep handbags and rucksacks well away from animals and keep medicine chests and boxes out of reach of inquisitive paws. Anti-inflammatory creams can represent a risk if your pet licks your skin once you have applied the [...]

Beware – the return of the slug

Dog with pink collar A leading supplier of slug control products has warned dog owners that their pets will be at risk of lungworm once the very hot weather conditions come to an end and rain will allow the slugs to re-emerge.  Slug evidence in gardens has been very reduced since early June as the hot weather has meant the slugs have [...]

Emotional? Your dog will understand

Black and white puppies on leadsWe have reported in the past on a study that was taking place to identify whether dogs understand human emotions.  The authors of this study report that there is a tendency in dogs to turn their head towards the left when you express anger, fear or happy emotions, and to the right if you look surprised.    [...]

Beware of the blue green algae

Under certain conditions such as the recent heatwave, blue-green algae can form blooms in water which colour the water blue-green (or brown, black or red).  These blooms are highly toxic and gastrointestinal effects can very often be the first sign following blue-green algae exposure.  These signs can very rapidly manifest and death can occur within minutes to hours. Keep pets well away from any water bodies that look either blue-green, brown, red or black.  If you think your pet may have [...]

Alabama Rot – spot the signs

The Veterinary Times has recently reported an increase in cases of Alabama Rot (CRGV) in dogs.    Since 2012, this country has seen 168 confirmed cases across 38 counties, but during  2018 a record 45 have been confirmed to date.  This disease mainly occurs in the colder, wetter months so it is possible that further cases may yet be confirmed later in the year. The signs of this mystery, canine disease include: Skin sores not caused by any known injury – usually [...]

Swallowing hazards – it’s not just the usual suspects

As we all know, chocolate, grapes, raisins and onions are high on the list of what not to let your dog eat.  However there are others that are White staffie on shoulder of vet nursenot always in the frame but are just as toxic.  These include: Hops Animals can ingest hops either from plants in gardens, dried plant material in flower arrangements and even [...]

Growing Greens for your rabbits

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is very popular at the moment; but have you ever thought about also growing herbs and greens for your rabbit?  The following are ideal seeds that grow very well in grow trays so why not given them a go! Spelt                                [...]

August News

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Emotional Dogs

According to a recent research project, it is believed that it can be proven dogs can tell whether a human is happy.  Scientists trained 8 dogs – mainly border collies – to lie still in an MRI scanner while they were shown images of strangers that had happy or neutral expressions.  The online preprint server reported that the team found [...]

Who’s the cleverest of them all….

It’s an age-old argument between cat and dog lovers whether cats or dogs are the more intelligent!  Things have now taken a new twist however, after scientists have for the first time, counted the number of cortical neurons in the brains of each species.  The number of these cortical neurons are associated with thinking, planning and complex behaviour, all of which are considered as hallmarks of intelligent behaviour.