IMPORTANT GDPR Legislation Changes With new GDPR regulation coming into force from 25th May 2018 we need to ensure you are happy in the way in which we communicate with you. We now have 7 different categories* that form the basis of our client communications so we can be very specific in what we do and don’t send you. Legitimate Business Interests Vaccine Reminders Parasite Treatment Reminders Appointment Reminders Health Check Reminders Reviews and Surveys We deem these categories as ‘legitimate business interests’. This means we think they [...]

It’s a laundry thing!!

Boxer-sleeping-on-sofaAccording to a recent poll, 35% of dog owners do not wash their dog’s bedding at the recommended once a week frequency.  Most people find that they don’t want the hassle of the dog hairs left behind in their washing machines or tumble dryers.  However, that said, 1 in 20 of the 1000 people polled revealed that they never put their dog’s bed in [...]

2017 News Round-Up

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Sleep tight!

Labradoodle-with -blanket-on-stairs   For anyone that loves nothing more than having their pet sleep on their bed, there is good news!  A recent study in the United States has revealed that those of us who allow our dogs to sleep in the same bedroom actually get a better nights sleep.  However those who allow their dog to actually sleep under the covers, unsurprisingly, experience a poorer quality [...]

To treat or not to treat…….

westie-holding-chewAll of us like to treat our furry friends with little snacks now and then.  However, very often we aren’t really sure what these snacks can do in terms of their effects on weight and wellness. Research shows that 86% of pet owners over the age of 18 give their pets an extra snack and  treats in addition to their regular meals. Furthermore, 1 in 10 of us find it harder to say ‘no’ [...]

Is your snake eating well? Or is he slithering away?

Anorexia in reptiles is a symptom and not a disease.  If your snake has stopped eating this may be due to a number of factors: Adder_image_snake_bite_articleWho handles the snake and how often?  Remember that snakes are not domesticated pets.  Even though many species tolerate handling very well, there are some that can become easily stressed with rough or too much handling. Additionally, think about the location of [...]

Roxy’s weight battle


Beach Hazards

dog-on-beach-with-ball-summer-article Summer is now officially here!  So if you are thinking of taking your dog to the seaside, here are a few safety tips for you to be aware of. Salt Water:  Dogs are sensitive to the effects of salt water.  When swimming in the sea, they may take in sea water very fast which can lead to vomiting within a few minutes.  If your dog ingests significant amounts, neurological signs could develop after [...]

Arthur can see you now!

cat-in-wards-eye-problem-articlecat-with-buster-collar-eye-problem-articleMeet Arthur, a very handsome 10 month old Maine Coon, already weighing in at 7.7kg! Arthur had his lower eyelids ‘turned out’ to make him more comfortable. The operation was carried out by our Ophthalmologist, Dr Michael Morter, who said ‘Entropion is a folding inwards of [...]

Basil’s Lolly Folly

dog-on-vet-table-lolly-articleThis gorgeous boy is Max, a 3 year old Cairnlolly-and-hairnet-lolly-article Terrier who on a sunny Summer’s day, was treated to a deliciously cooling ice cream. Basil, however, did not stop at eating the ice cream – he had the stick too. His worried owner [...]