Free Flea and Tick Checks

Through April, May and June, we will be offering free flea and tick checks with our Veterinary Health Advisers. In addition, you can claim a FREE treatment when you buy a 3 pack of dog or cat treatment, or you can claim 2 FREE treatments if you buy a 6 pack of cat treatment. Tiny ticks wait on the tips of long grass an other vegetation outdoors – gardens, parks, fields and heathland. When your pet [...]

Rabbits and how to handle them correctly

A recent study has revealed that a source of much stress in the lives of many of our pet rabbits is when they are picked up by their owners.  Being a ground-living prey species, rabbits associate being lifted off the ground with imminent death. There is therefore a significant difference between the way we and our pet rabbits like to interact.  A  number of rabbits may [...]

Curious Clive

Poor Clive thought he was helping his owner by opening the oven door to check on the dinner!  However that salmon tasted too good to resist so down it went – along with the accompanying onions and garlic. His quick-thinking owner, who discovered Clive polishing off his tasty meal on the kitchen floor, rushed him to her local PDSA hospital where he was given treatment to reduce the absorption of those potentially deadly toxins – onion and garlic. It is unusual, but not [...]

Hair of the Dog – a cautionary tale….

Two naughty Clumber Spaniels got themselves into a spin literally when they thought they’d try a little Advocaat whilst their owners were at work. Their owners arrived home and were horrified to find two staggering and swaying spaniels. Their third dog, a cocker spaniel, knocked the bottle over but he was wise and stayed on the wagon, leaving his playmates to get themselves into deep trouble by lapping up the whole bottle.  Their fast acting owners rushed the dogs to their local [...]

Guinea Pigs – keeping them happy!

Baby-guinea-pigs-Drummond-(4)Guinea pigs are cheeky and inquisitive and make wonderful pets, especially for children.  They are, however, a long term commitment living for 5-6 years.  Here are a few tips to ensure their well-being and longevity: Guinea pigs are active pets, so you need to provide a large space for them to exercise, with plenty of hiding places for exploring.  A dark sleeping area needs to also be available which needs [...]

Spring cleaning – the pet friendly way!

With Spring around the corner, thoughts may be turning to spring cleaning our homes! However, very often the chemicals we use in our day to day house cleaning can be harmful to our four legged friends. Air fresheners, for example can be too much for sensitive wet noses.  In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that fumes emitted from some spray cleaners can cause allergic reactions. So keep on the safe side and try moving your pet into a different room to [...]

How clean are your dog’s teeth?

Toothbrushing-Daisy019A recent survey of 2000 dog owners in the United Kingdom  revealed that 53% have never cleaned their pet’s teeth although 88% have an understanding of the importance of doing so. Poor oral hygiene, if left untreated, can also affect the liver and kidneys.  Dog’s teeth should be cleaned regularly to remove plaque and minimise development of periodontitis, which is normally irreversible.  As there is such a good blood [...]

Do you vape? E-cigarettes and their dangers to dogs

As e-cigarettes become more popular in households across the UK, so too is the risk that your dog may well decide to try them too.  We all know how much dogs love to chew, and e-cigarettes can be tempting if left within reach of your canine!  Some products may also be flavoured, making them more attractive to your dog.  Whilst nicotine toxicity is not new, e-cigarettes contain a liquid nicotine which, if ingested by your dog, could lead to the following: Faster [...]

It’s not all puppy talk!

Pet directed speech (puppy talk) is extremely common and is very similar to baby directed speech or baby talk. A study recently carried out in France has discovered that we use puppy talk when communicating with all ages of dogs.  However, interestingly, it was only puppies who responded to this speech, in particular the higher pitch we tend to use.  Older dogs didn’t react any differently whether [...]

The Pet Health Club – our exciting new addition!

PHC-posterWe are so excited to be able to tell you about our fantastic new pet health club. Pet Health clubs are an affordable way to pay for preventative healthcare for your four legged family member.  Our Pet Health Club can save you up to 50% on routine healthcare such as vaccinations and flea and worm treatments, plus 20% off selected lifetime care medications and neutering and 10% off dentistry and pet passports.  You can also [...]