August News

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Emotional Dogs

According to a recent research project, it is believed that it can be proven dogs can tell whether a human is happy.  Scientists trained 8 dogs – mainly border collies – to lie still in an MRI scanner while they were shown images of strangers that had happy or neutral expressions.  The online preprint server reported that the team found [...]

Who’s the cleverest of them all….

It’s an age-old argument between cat and dog lovers whether cats or dogs are the more intelligent!  Things have now taken a new twist however, after scientists have for the first time, counted the number of cortical neurons in the brains of each species.  The number of these cortical neurons are associated with thinking, planning and complex behaviour, all of which are considered as hallmarks of intelligent behaviour.

Flystrike – how to protect your rabbit

Bunny with carrotFlystrike can very often be fatal.  It is caused by flies, mainly the ‘Green Bottle’, laying eggs on damp areas of your rabbit’s skin and fur.  When the eggs hatch, the maggots can then eat the flesh of your rabbit which causes severe pain, tissue damage and infections.  Sadly many affected rabbits do not live through this disease. If rabbits are [...]

If your dog is neutered they could live longer

A very interesting study exploring the differences in sex in the longevity of dogs has found that those who have been neutered tend to live longer – with the greater gain in females. Scientists both in the UK and the United States have examined records of nearly 81000 canine deaths that occurred in 24 vet teaching hospitals in the USA, as well as independent data from 5,095 deaths from UK practices. The data revealed huge differences in lifespan between neutered and un-neutered dogs.  [...]

Some interesting facts and figures!

The latest PDSA PAW Report has just been released with some interesting findings on pet ownership,diet and wellbeing for cats, dogs and rabbits.  They worked with YouGov on compiling their facts and figures and here are some of the results. It reports that there are 11.1 million cats in the UK –  equating to 25% of the UK adult population owning a cat, 8.9 million dogs, or 24% of the UK adult population owning a dog, and 1 million rabbits or [...]

Pet Theft – it’s real and it’s increasing

Vet nurse with puppyA recent survey conducted by  a leading pet insurance provider has revealed that on average, 5 dogs were stolen every day throughout last year.  This makes a total of 1,909 stolen dogs reported to the UK police forces in 2017 – a 6.8% increase from 2016 which, in turn, was 14% higher than 2015. The highly likeable Staffie [...]

Are you in the Rat Pack?

Rats are widely perceived as dirty and a nuisance – referred to negatively in sayings such as ‘rats deserting a sinking ship’ and ‘dirty rat’ amongst others.  They were even blamed for spreading the plague back in medieval times. However, in reality rats are far from these images commonly portraying them.  They are intelligent, sensitive animals who make close bonds with others.  They have been trained to find landmines in countries such as Tanzania and Angola and also how to detect [...]


IMPORTANT GDPR Legislation Changes With new GDPR regulation coming into force from 25th May 2018 we need to ensure you are happy in the way in which we communicate with you. We now have 7 different categories* that form the basis of our client communications so we can be very specific in what we do and don’t send you. Legitimate Business Interests Vaccine Reminders Parasite Treatment Reminders Appointment Reminders Health Check Reminders Reviews and Surveys We deem these categories as ‘legitimate business interests’. This means we think they [...]

It’s a laundry thing!!

Boxer-sleeping-on-sofaAccording to a recent poll, 35% of dog owners do not wash their dog’s bedding at the recommended once a week frequency.  Most people find that they don’t want the hassle of the dog hairs left behind in their washing machines or tumble dryers.  However, that said, 1 in 20 of the 1000 people polled revealed that they never put their dog’s bed in [...]