We are very proud of our dental facilities, which mean we can easily x-ray your pet’s mouth before and after procedures for a thorough assessment of the teeth, as recommended by veterinary dental specialists.  Often, pets have hidden areas of infection, tooth root loss or damage to the base of the tooth (neck lesions) which may be impossible to see without x-ray.  X-ray assessment in cats, particularly, can speed up the procedure by showing which roots need attention.

Pain relief and comfort are paramount, and we use modern powered equipment, just like a human dentist.  Most pets will need a general anaesthetic for dental extractions and scaling, and we use all the same monitoring that we use in theatre for maximum safety.

Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is an important part of general health care, as well as keeping their breath sweet!  Our qualified Vet Nurses will demonstrate the importance of regular brushing and help you with how to brush, what to use and the best food and treats to maintain healthy teeth. To find out more, follow this link.  They also offer regular dental checks, and we sell everything here that you need.  Book an appointment and make your pet smile!

You can save 10% on dentistry simply by joining our Pet Health Club.  Click here to find out more.


What our clients are saying

  • "Very good service and an extremely helpful, kind and friendly team from start to finish." Mrs Burrows with Bella - May 2017
  • "As always, an exceptional service from Mill House." Mrs Reeve with Rosie - October 2017
  • "As usual, everything was highly professional and thorough." Mr Turner with Jeffrey - June 2017
  • "Full explanation and details from start to finish." Mrs Davis with Dodger - August 2017