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Cat Friendly Practice

What_being_a_cat_friendly_clinic_means_to_youWe are a gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic.  This means we meet the highest standards specified by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and understand how to make your cat’s visit a more positive experience.  Our exceptional cat facilities include:

A dedicated hospital ward for cats 
Larger cat friendly accommodation for hospitalised patients, providing a secure, quiet and calm environment.  Cats are cared for and monitored by dedicated ward nurses throughout their stay and are given comfortable soft bedding, toys and Feline Forts to climb on and hide in.  Of course, we also have top notch washing and disinfection facilities.

A separate cat friendly waiting area
The quiet cat corner area in the main reception has cat basket covers provided for nervous patients and seat height tables to pop your carrier on while you wait.  Throughout the day from Monday to Friday, we also have a dedicated Cat Clinic in The Granary, which is across from the main surgery, so your cat can be seen without having to wait in reception with dogs or other animals.  To minimise stress, our 15 minute appointments are longer than standard, giving your cat time to acclimatise.

Advanced medical equipment
We run a full 24 hour emergency on site clinic for our patients.  We have our own in-house pharmacy and a range of diagnostic imaging equipment and advanced anaesthetic monitors.  Our hospital has two sterile theatres and a dental suite, with all anaesthetics monitored by a trained professional nurse.

Dedicated ‘Cat Advocates’ to answer your questions
Our qualified professional team are ready to make your cat’s visit as relaxing and stress free as possible.   Meet our team of advocates who ensure that we create the relaxing environment and provide the level of care you would expect from a cat friendly practice, they understand the unique needs that cats have and are ready to support you however they can:

Cat advocates
Sarah Colegrave

“I am a cat lover and have four cats of my own.  I am a passionate advocate of ‘Cat Friendly Practice’ as experience has shown me how well cats respond to a calm and stress free environment.  Not only does this make the cat’s visit more pleasant for them, it also allows us to provide a better standard of medical care.”

Michael Morter

“I’m definitely a cat person, I have lived with cats throughout my life and currently have six!  In the past I helped my parents look after their boarding cattery.  I firmly believe that cats are not ‘just small dogs’ and have to be cared for and handled sensitively and in a different way to other animals.”

Judy Mosedale

“I have a lifelong love of cats and am fascinated by their unique behaviours and their interactions with us.  I enjoy the challenges and rewards of diagnosing and treating cats and I have a keen interest in reducing “stress” for our feline friends both in the home and especially when they visit the surgery.  I am passionate about improving our feline patients’ experience in the practice.  It is very rewarding to see a cat relax and enjoy being fussed by both our staff and their owners.”

Melanie Watts

“I have been a cat lover and owner for as long as I can remember, my cat Chester certainly ‘rules the roost’ at home as they say.  I believe our feline patients have very specific needs and bringing them out of their home environment can cause them and their owners some degree of stress.  I aim to ensure that as a practice, we limit this stress for happier patients, and faster recovery times from surgeries and illness.” 

Liz Callaby

“I’ve always loved cats but since having my own for several years I have become even more intrigued by them.  Feline behaviour fascinates me and I love the complexity of cats.  I enjoy trying to enrich their lives as they do with me.”

Amy Hancock-Rogers

“I love cats and have five of them at home, all with such different personalities to understand! I hold the Emergency & Critical Care Certificate and really enjoy putting the knowledge acquired whilst achieving this accreditation into action with our feline patients.”

We are members of the ISFM which is the veterinary division of the ICC (International Cat Care), a very worthy charity that works very hard to improve our awareness of the specific needs of our feline friends and to educate pet owners regarding the most effective way of having a happy cat (or cats) in the home.

What our clients are saying

  • "Happy with my decision to move to Mill House, would definitely recommend your surgery." Mr Rust with Minnie & Bella - September 2018
  • "Lovely friendly people, extremely happy!" Mr Palmer with Magic - October 2018
  • "Have only been at Mill House for about 1 month and wish I had come to Mill House sooner, such a friendly, professional team, can't thank them enough." Mr & Mrs Robertson with Poppy - October 2018
  • "All of the staff I have had dealings with have been great. I feel my pets would receive the best care at Mill House." Mr & Mrs Cooke with Yogi & Buster - October 2018