Puppy Socialisation

Is your puppy between 9 and 14 weeks of age? For a learning experience you’ll both enjoy, come to our puppy classes held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings from 7.00pm, in our dedicated Puppy Room. To reserve your place, please contact the surgery on (01553) 771457. We recommend Puppy Group for all our puppies.

Puppy Socialisation offers your puppy the essential social contact he or she needs to develop into a well balanced dog. It also offers you guidance for early training. The critical age for socialisation is 3-13 weeks and we recommend that you come on five consecutive weeks, during which time your puppy will have the chance to meet and play with other puppies and their owners. Our course covers puppy healthcare and management, early training, plus suitable toys and games. We will show you how to prevent bad behaviour in later life, and you will also have the chance to meet other people with similar interests. Other members of the family are also most welcome.  Please click here for our Puppy Socialisation Classes terms and conditions

If you’ve attended our Puppy Socialisation classes, we would love to hear about your puppy’s experience.

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What our clients are saying

  • "For the socialisation alone it is a wonderful group - Diggle would never have met any puppies if it weren't for the group! Also for puppy newbies like us, the help and advise was invaluable to ensure he had the best start." Miss Craik with Diggle - September 2018
  • "Impressed with the caring relaxed atmosphere and the many happy clients - humans and animals." Mrs Stern with Holly - August 2018
  • "Lovely practice with kind and supportive staff, I have every confidence in Mill House." Mrs Fade with Ralph - August 2018
  • "we are always made to feel welcome, Ellie is always made a fuss of." Mrs Phillips with Ellie - September 2018