Travel Clinic (Pet Passports)

Taking your pet abroad on holiday or preparing to move away with your pet or export an animal from the UK?

Jumping through all the legal hoops and certification and ensuring that vaccinations and tests are carried out correctly can be very daunting.  There are also additional risks to your pet from diseases and parasites that are encountered abroad, which are not in the UK. For more information on the parasites, diseases and recommended treatments of the country or region you are thinking of visiting, see the ESCCAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites) map and we would recommend downloading Taking your pets abroad leaflet from the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation.

An appointment at our Travel Clinic will help you look at the options, make the right decisions for you and your pet and plan the process of preparing to take your pet abroad.   There’s more to it than just applying for a Pet Passport!

The Pet Travel Scheme allows pets to travel abroad without the need to be quarantined and some changes were made to this scheme that came into effect from December 2014.

Passports now use laminated strips, making it difficult for critical details to be altered, and a unique passport number is printed on each page of the passport.  If you already have a passport issued prior to the 29th December 2014, you do not need a new one.

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Definitions of dog, cat and ferret are now provided to prevent the transport of wild animals.  Owners of Bengal and Savannah cats and Wolfdogs will need to consult AVHLA on 0370 1241 11710 before travelling.

Other changes to the Pet Travel Scheme include –

  • Your vet completes their details on the ‘issuing of the passport’ page and certifies vaccinations and treatments have been given.
  • Checks on pet passports are being introduced across the EU.
  • Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before you can get them vaccinated against rabies for the purposes of pet travel.
  • Additional rules have also been placed on those travelling with more than 5 pets

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Ring us for an appointment in good time – it can take several weeks to prepare for travel, and travel outside the EU can involve some lengthy preparations.

There is more information on the GOV.UK website – Click here for details.  Being well informed is vital – it is your own responsibility to ensure that you comply with all the regulations and requirements for each country you visit, but we’ll help you get ready.



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