X-rays (Radiography)

Our modern digital radiography suite is available for use 24 hours a day.   Our powerful x-ray machine can image any pet from a small reptile or bird to the largest St Bernard, and we also have a fluoroscopy machine which displays moving x-ray images. This facility is particularly useful for studies of the bowel (such as barium meals), the urinary tract, and the heart, and isxray_placement also used for orthopaedic work

Because we see so many chest cases, our machine has to be capable of taking very fast exposures, and has specific attachments for accurate positioning which is so important for examinations such as films taken for the BVA/Kennel Club Hip Dysplasia Scheme.

To comply with Health and Safety Regulations, patients are not held for x-rays, and so films are usually taken under anaesthetic or sedation, unless this would be life-threatening.  Accurate positioning is vital for high quality diagnostic films.  Do talk to us about sedation for routine x-rays such as for the BVA/ Kennel Club Hip Dysplasia Scheme. Unlike a human hospital, there are no waiting lists for operations or x-rays, and usually if your pet requires an x-ray, it can be undertaken on the same day.

What our clients are saying

  • "Reassured by confident and knowledgeable staff and nurses. I have felt welcomed and supported. " Mr Gage with Duke - October 2018
  • "Very friendly staff, excellent facilities and extremely professional and dedicated." Mr Shearn with Molly - October 2018
  • "My parents are due to purchase a puppy and I will be recommending they change vets to Mill House." Mr McAuliffe with Tilly - November 2018
  • "You were very welcoming and friendly. I felt like we received a lot from our first visit and was very pleased with our choice of vet." Mrs Carpenter - Clark with Mabel & Mario - October 2018