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Referral Fees

Have a look at our referral price guide below

Internal Medicine/Imaging

  Price including VAT



Follow-up Consultation £181.50
Radiographic examination (up to 3 images) From £293.03
Radiographic examination under GA/Sedation (up to 3 images)

From £465.71

Fibreoptic endoscopy (Incl. GA) From £1,062.58
Ultrasound Scan Full Abdominal From £395.69
Ultrasound Full Cardiac From £442.80
Ultrasound Cardiac (EPIC Screen) From £191.40
Overnight Hospitalisation From £250.00


  Price including VAT
Bitch Spay From £480.50
Castration for abdominal testicle

From £474.52

Biopsy From £1,420.64


  Price including VAT
Consultation £62.40


  Price including VAT
Full Consultation and Examination £207.00
Follow-up Consultation £50.00


  Price including VAT
Consultation £216.00
Follow-up Consultation £79.20
Desensitisation Vaccine £300.00 to £372.00
Intradermal Skin Testing £324.00
Skin Scraping £72.00
Sedation / Theatre Charge* £192.42


*typical initial Atopy work up case fee from £600.00 - £900.00

Soft Tissue Surgery

  Price including VAT
Laryngeal Tie Back From £2,362.37
Perineal Urethrostomy Cat From £1,650.00
Perineal Hernia From £1,882.78
Salivary Gland Removal From £1,616.76
Total Ear Canal Ablation From £1,760.00
Soft Palate Resection From £1,830.83

Orthopaedic Surgery

  Price including VAT
Cruciate Surgery  
TPLO From £3,850.00
Lateral Suture From £2,420.00
Luxating Patella Surgery From £2,200.00
All prices correct at 13th July 2021. Fees are subject to change without notice