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Brexit and the Pet Travel Scheme

Assuming Britain leaves the EU on 29th March 2019, there are three potential outcomes for the UK with regard to pets travelling abroad to an EU country.

Potential outcome 1

The UK becomes a ‘Part 1 listed country’

If this happens, then the set up with regard to Pet Passports, Rabies vaccination and worming will remain pretty much as it is now – very little will change.

Potential outcome 2

The UK becomes a ‘Part 2 listed country’

If this occurs then all the current passport regulations would still apply but animals would also require a ‘Model Health Certificate’ to travel.  It is expected that this certificate would have to be issued by an Official Veterinarian at least 21 days post Rabies vaccination and within 10 days of travel.  The certificate would be valid for 4 months for travel within the EU.

Potential outcome 3

The UK becomes an ‘Unlisted country’

In this instance, the following requirements for travel would need to be adhered to:

  • A blood sample would need to be taken 30 days after Rabies vaccination.
  • The animal would not be able to travel until:

a)  They have a Rabies antibody titre certificate from the approved laboratory.  This confirms they have the required level of antibodies to Rabies and proves their response to the vaccination

b)  3 months have passed since the date the blood sample was taken

c)  they have a  ‘Model Health Certificate’, as described in ‘Potential outcome 2’

  • The animal would have to enter the EU via a designated travellers point of entry (as yet, an unspecified location).

Any of the outcomes are possible and it is important to consider the above information and rabies blood testing if you plan to take your pet abroad after Brexit.  We would recommend booking an appointment to see your vet in order to discuss these options and whether taking additional precautionary measures would be appropriate for you.