Diagnostics (lab)

Getting to the bottom of your pet’s problem quickly is vital at any time of day or night.  Our diagnostic lab upstairs has a range of advanced equipment for blood testing not usually found in veterinary practices.  We can look at your pet’s blood cells, look for markers of medical problems such as kidney and liver disease, and measure blood gases and ionised calcium, important for critical care and cancer patients.

We can assess your pet’s blood clotting – vital for pre-surgical assessment of cancer patients or if rat poisoning is suspected.

We frequently perform cytology examinations which helps us plan surgical treatment by predicting what we are dealing with before biopsy or removal. Small needle samples can often be taken for this in consultations.

Urine tests are offered free at booster time, and we also look at skin, hair and faecal samples.

What our clients are saying

  • "I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my cat, and also my family." Mrs Rooke with Maisie - April 2017
  • "Michael answered all of our questions and offered reassurance." Miss Smith with Alfie & Lily - December 2016
  • "Very helpful, professional service. Appointment arranged within 10 minutes of my phone call." Mrs Aiken with Poppy - September 2016
  • "The vet and the assistant were very kind and helpful in making sure Noodle was okay and that we were too." Ms Horn with Noodle - May 2017