Operations are performed under strict sterile conditions in theatre, with full monitoring by a professional nurse during the operation and recovery period. Modern anaesthetics are very safe, but we offer blood tests before surgery to detect any problems which may increase the anaesthetic risk.

We also perform keyhole (laparoscopy) surgery, and we are delighted to offer this gold standard option for a speedier recovery for your pet – please ask for details of laparoscopic bitch spays and other procedures.

There is much more information about anaesthetics and common procedures, such as neutering (female spays and male castrations) in our Advice FAQ section

We offer a 20% discount on neutering for all members of our Pet Health Club.  Click here to find out more.

What our clients are saying

  • "First class treatment. Caring and knowledgeable staff. Kept informed throughout and afterwards, the ward nurse telephoned from the vets to check on Freddie's progress." Mrs Morris-Statham with Freddie - May 2018
  • "All the staff, reception, nurses and vets. Everyone has time for us and our pet. They make you feel very confident in their care." Mr Sackett with Millie - June 2018
  • "Very professional as always and the care towards my trusted friend has always been excellent. I would highly recommend." Mrs Carter with Micky - June 2018
  • "The vet took her time and was excellent, even notified me of little issues to keep an eye on." Mrs Du Plessis with Meeko, Morello and Mac - June 2018
  • "Excellent service provided to my pets for many years." Mrs Cranko-Page with Kiara - May 2018