Cat Clinic news and trivia for cat owners!!

cat_friendly_clinicDid you know…..

  • 47% of owners think cats are so popular on the internet because seeing a cat get into mischief is something that every cat owner can relate to
  • Nearly 1 in 5 cat owners regularly post photos of their cat online – that’s 18% of owners
  • 10% of owner’s cats have their own social media page
  • 54% go online to find out more about their cat

Sadly, not all cats enjoy their trip to the vets – not anymore!  Come to our Cat Clinic in the Granary at Mill House, a dedicated, relaxing space for your cats away from dogs and other animals.

what_cat_friendly_clinic_meansBy appointment at the following times, or by agreement at other times – call us now to book your cat in!

With our vets: 
Throughout the day 08.30 – 18.30 Monday to Friday

All appointments take place in the Granary – a separate building opposite the main surgery, with its own waiting room.  As a gold standard cat friendly clinic, we have exceptional cat friendly facilities – to find out more, visit our cat clinic page.

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