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Cat Friendly Clinic

Providing the highest standard of care for cats

We are a gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic.  This means we meet the highest standards specified by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and understand how to make your cat’s visit a more positive experience.  Our exceptional cat facilities include:

  • A dedicated hospital ward for cats 
    Larger cat friendly accommodation for hospitalised patients, providing a secure, quiet and calm environment.  Cats are cared for and monitored by dedicated ward nurses throughout their stay and are given comfortable soft bedding, toys and Feline Forts to climb on and hide in.  Of course, we also have top notch washing and disinfection facilities.
  • A separate cat friendly waiting room
    We have a separate waiting room dedicated to cats away from any dogs or other noise. We also hold cat friendly clinics throughout the week so cats can be seen without being around any dogs or other animals. To minimise stress our appointment length of 20 minutes is longer than standard to allow your cat time to acclimatise..
  • Advanced medical equipment
    We run a full 24 hour emergency on site clinic for our patients.  We have our own in-house pharmacy and a range of diagnostic imaging equipment and advanced anaesthetic monitors.  Our hospital has two sterile theatres and a dental suite, with all anaesthetics monitored by a trained professional nurse.
  • Dedicated ‘Cat Advocates’ to answer your questions
    Our qualified professional team are ready to make your cat’s visit as relaxing and stress free as possible. Meet our team of advocates who ensure that we create the relaxing environment and provide the level of care you would expect from a cat friendly practice, they understand the unique needs that cats have and are ready to support you however they can:

Meet our Cat Advocates

Dr Sarah Colegrave - Clinical Director

Dr Sarah Colegrave

Dr Sarah Colegrave MA VetMB MRCVS Clinical Director
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Dr Michael Morter - Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Michael Morter

Dr Michael Morter BVetMed MRCVS Senior Veterinary Surgeon
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Melanie Watts - Senior Nurse

Melanie Watts

Melanie Watts RVN ISFM Cert FN Senior Nurse
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Liz Callaby - Senior Nurse

Liz Callaby

Liz Callaby RVN Senior Nurse
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We are members of the ISFM which is the veterinary division of the ICC (International Cat Care), a very worthy charity that works very hard to improve our awareness of the specific needs of our feline friends and to educate pet owners regarding the most effective way of having a happy cat (or cats) in the home.