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Dr Hugo Lopes

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Hugo Lopes - Veterinary Surgeon
Dr Hugo Lopes DVM, MSc MRCVS, GP Cert Exotic Animal Practice Veterinary Surgeon

Hugo graduated from Lisbon in 2012 and came to work with us in 2023. He loves to work in the hospital enviroment and tries to imbue his clinical work with an evidence based approach. He holds a post graduation certificate in Exotic Animal Practice but his heart has a very special place for canine and feline internal medicine. He is fascinated by philosophy, astrophysics and science fiction, which makes him a bit of a geek. He lives with his wife Mariana and their daughter Leonor in a full house: 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and one dog. In his free time he likes to hit the dirt tracks with his mountain bike or catch some waves with a bodyboard.