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Golden Oldies Questionnaire

‘Golden Oldies’ Health & Wellness Questionnaire for Cats

To enable your nurse to prepare for your cat's visit to our Golden Oldies Health & Wellness clinic, it’s useful to complete and submit the questionnaire below.

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Appetite & Dental Health

Is your cat eating

Are they taking longer to eat meals?

Have you noticed any drooling or bad breath?

Is your pet drinking


Is your cat moving

Can your cat get up and down off furniture, etc.

Does your cat appear stiff after rest?


Is your cat an indoor cat?

Have you noticed your cat urinating

Does your cat ever urinate in the house outside their litter tray?

Have you noticed any change in faeces?


Have you noticed any changes in your cat's behaviour?

Have you noticed your cat is more irritable or grumpy?

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