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Laparoscopic Surgery

Information about keyhole surgery

Keyhole (laparoscopy) surgery is a minimally invasive technique common in human surgery, and we are delighted to be able to offer this gold standard option for a speedier recovery for your pet. Laparoscopy is suited to many surgical procedures such as bitch spays, biopsies, retained testicle removal and gastropexy

What’s so special about laparoscopy?

  • Small wounds mean less pain for your pet
  • Faster recovery compared to open surgery
  • More accurate, visually aided surgery for fewer complications

What makes it different to normal surgery?

All surgeries involve making an incision (cut), but with laparoscopy we only make three tiny little wounds which results in a faster recovery time for your pet. We inflate your pet’s abdomen with sterile carbon dioxide and use an optical telescope to visualise the abdominal organs.  The magnified image is displayed on a medical monitor which allows us to look inside the body; and specialised instruments are used for minimally invasive surgery.

What are the costs?

We do charge a little extra for this specialised surgery, but we feel the benefits of a faster recovery with less discomfort really are worth it – that’s why we have invested in the same equipment as used in human surgery.  Ask a member of the team about laparoscopy.

It takes a higher level of veterinary expertise to perform these procedures successfully, here’s what our Clinical Director Sarah Colegrave has to say about it:

“I have pioneered the use of laparoscopy here at Mill House because I am keen to perform surgery with the least discomfort to our pets.  I have been delighted with the speed of recovery the dogs and cats show, and the feedback from their owners.  Many procedures can be performed as day cases – reducing the stress for our pets and owners”


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